Challenging jobs for various clients gave Trudie the opportunity to grow and develop, to let her creativity run wild. Raised in an interior construction family, she also learned the ropes by her father and brothers. She made her own furniture, designed and made clothes and did set decoration for fairs. Converting a living room for photography of brochures? Turning old clothing into a new fashion brand, commissioned by the Salvation Army? Providing various shops with a complete interior? Name it, and she did it.


But the fashion industry was also attractive to her. In 2004, she started her own children’s fashion label Muy Malo. Where it all started at the kitchen table – surrounded by four children and a hyperactive dog in fourth gear – it grew into one of the leading international companies in the Netherlands. It is hard for Trudie to stand still and she prefers to put her love and passion in everything at once.


Trudie paints, styles, illustrates, advises, travels or shops, depending on your wishes and needs. Interested? Get in touch with Trudie.